Symbiosis and communications 
japanese English 漢語 韓国語

Study various languages and cultures to communicate with the world!

Characteristics of our studies

 Taking down the wall that previously separated British and American Languages and Cultures from Asian Languages and Cultures, the International Department of Languages and Cultures aims at overcoming the barriers of words by polishing communication skills to enable direct interaction with people from around the world in an educational environment created to facilitate the free studying of various languages and cultures. As for the actual studies, students will try to master either English, the internationally common language, or Chinese, the mother tongue of the largest number of people, or Korean, which is exactly like Japanese, and develop an understanding of international relations and the international society with its many cultures.

Students can also master multiple languages such as English and Chinese, English and Korean or Chinese and Korean. They are also encouraged to expand their understanding of other cultures. Classes are small and divided into levels. In addition to studying from the basics to the acquisition of qualifications and interpreting skills, an intensive English program and Basic English, a freely set, supplementary class have been established to produce the best results in as short a time as possible. Students will also try to become"globalingual" by improving their practical skills with Cultural Experience Tours and short-term as well as longer study-abroad programs.


Educational Goals

  • Gain language and communication skills

  • Cultivate an understanding of other cultures

  • Make the most of language skills in acquiring qualifications or in business

The Three Pillars of the Curriculum

  1. Improve language skills

  2. Classes are small and leveled classes with less than 20 students, there is an intensive program and supplementary classes in English, the TOEIC taken 6 times in 3 years, and financial aid is provided for the fees for the Chinese, Korean and, for foreign student, the Japanese qualification tests.

  3. Study abroad support

  4. With ties to 10 universities around the world, we also offer an internship in Australia and a Korean student exchange program. In addition to, of course, helping students choose a destination and prepare, they are thoroughly instructed before their departure to ensure a smooth adjustment when they get to their place of study.

  5. Student Life Planning Advisor

  6. In addition to the class advisor, each department faculty member makes the most of his area of specialty to offer detailed advice on everything from study plans to studying abroad, careers and life in general as a student. Parents can consult them and they help students plan how to best relate their student life to life after graduation.